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Traditionally, a course in embedded systems has come to mean microcontroller programming. With the increasingproliferation of embedded systems, advances in hardware and software technologies, and the blurring of theboundary between them, we need a more meaningful glimpse into this area. Our course on Embedded Systemsaddresses this need and brings out the issues in building modern embedded systems.


We focus on the development of systems software for embedded applications and begin with a discussion of software for embedded systems. We cover the design of application software for embedded systems from operating system to the application layers and delve into issues of real-time embedded applications

The rest of the course focuses on language and resource management issues. We introduce Handel-C, a language based on ANSI-C, extended with concepts for timing, concurrency, flexible-width variables and resource allocation that permit software engineers and hardware designers to quickly implement complex algorithms efficiently in hardware. We discuss resource management and scheduling paradigms for embedded real-time applications based on static, dynamic and best effort scheduling approaches. Appropriate case studies are used to illustrate the use of the concepts in state-of-the-art real-time operating systems.

Who Would Benefit

Application designers, embedded system engineers, teachers, and those wanting to get exposure to the area ofmodern embedded systems would benefit from this course.

We do trainings and placements in different areas of Embedded Technology.

1 . Mobile Communications
2 . Networking areas
3 . Automobile with Embeddee
4 . Wireless Communications

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